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JW Jones

  JW Jones has released eight albums, performed in nineteen countries and four continents, and averages over one hundred shows per year. Canadian-born Hollywood actor Dan Aykroyd, known for his Blues Brothers persona “Elwood Blues,” has called JW’s group an “amazing blues band.” The future does indeed look bright for this upcoming star. Known for… Read more »

Chris Ruest

Chris Ruest is the real thing. The New Englander has been a resident of Texas for well over a decade. Already a serious student and lover of traditional blues and blues-oriented jazz artists, the singer-guitarist came up through Brian “Hash Brown” Calway’s band (justly regarded as the finishing school of choice for aspiring Dallas blues… Read more »

Steve Krase

Steve has blended his high energy style with the soulful vibe that runs through the great city of Houston. Steve spent 10 years as the harp man for the legendary Houston band Jerry Lightfoot and The Essentials.After the Essentials broke up Steve spent a few years as a sideman with Matt Leddy & The Meatcutters… Read more »

Jonn Del Toro Richardson

Jonn Del Toro Richardson is a blues guitarist from Houston TX representing the strong defining sound of the Texas Blues. Inspired by his uncles he picked up the guitar in his early twenties and immediately started playing in the music scene around Houston. From starting his own bands to having the honor to play with… Read more »

Tony Vega Band

Tony Vega Band was founded in 1997. This Texas act have forged a unique brand of red hot bone shakin’ blues. Like a raven rising from a black southern swamp, the Gulf coast’s “best kept secret” takes the listener from the backwoods to the smoky juke joint, drenched in blues and soaked in a Houston… Read more »

Tommie Lee Bradley

Tommie Lee Bradley sings an eclectic mix of blues based rock and roll, Texas Blues. She’s taken her critically acclaimed music to Japan, with Soul Shock, to Canada, with Jean-Pierre Ferland and Ginnette Reno, and throughout the United States, both as a headliner and with acts such as Jim Messina. She’s a stellar songwriter with… Read more »

The Mighty Orq

  For twelve years The Mighty Orq has performed solo and with his band across the US and Europe. He has won three Houston Press Music Awards (“Best Guitarist”- 2007, “Best Guitarist”- 2010, “Best Blues” – 2012), two regional International Blues Challenges (2011 & 2012), and released six albums. The new album, released in the summer of… Read more »

Paul Ramirez

The Paul Ramirez Band is a dynamic power–trio of musicians with over 30 years of combined experience. Formed in 2011 with a mixture of styles and influences in their show, they later captured that diversity on their debut studio release, Sex With A Dragon. Released in November of 2012 to excellent reviews. Paul’s music is… Read more »

Dave Nevling

Dave Nevling leads the band with his vocals and harmonica to play a wide variety of blues.  He is a talented songwriter and excels when he is performing his own songs. Nevling moved to Houston, Texas and played with various bands from the mid 70’s through the 80’s. In 1991 he got his first steady… Read more »

Chad Ware Band

Chad Ware has been playing music most of his life. He started playing guitar at age 10 and by his early 20′s was making a name for himself in the Houston area as a lead guitar player. Chad eventually went on to play lead guitar for major acts such as Perfect Stranger, Janie Fricke, Rick… Read more »